Egg in a Nest
August 31, 2009, 2:24 pm
Filed under: Breakfast

Hey Mom!  Look what I made for breakfast! 

I don’t know what made me think of it, but my mom used to make me these little egg in a nest breakfasts once in awhile and I thought they were so cool!  I decided I’d make some for Cooper and I this morning.  We all know what I’m talking about, right?  Throw some butter in a skillet, get butter on both sides of a piece of bread, then use a cookie cutter or the top of a glass to cut out the center, and in goes an egg.  With a sprinkle of salt and some fresh ground black pepper, it’s absolutely delish!  And cute…even for the bigger kids. 

Here’s mine freshly cracked in the skillet.  Yeah, I know I didn’t do the best job on that egg, but cut me some slack…it was 7 in the a.m.!



Anyway, broken yolk or not, Cooper wasn’t as impressed as I used to be.  Once it was cooked perfectly, I put it on a plate with some grapes on the side, and brought it out to him.  I exclaimed “Hey Coops!  Check this out!  It’s an egg inside your toast!  How cool is that!?”  He looked back at me with a blank stare, totally unimpressed and said “Yep…it sure is.  I don’t want it.  I just want peanut butter toast.”

Great.  Hey kid…you’re supposed to be impressed and then dig in, all the while reiterating how scrumptious this special breakfast is that your thoughtful mom made for you.  Didn’t you get the memo?!

Oh well.  I ate it.  And I loved it as much as I did when my mom used to make it for me.  Though, there is something special about having someone else do the cooking.

Mom, if you want to make one for me any time soon, I promise I’ll still be impressed and amazed, unlike my own offspring.

**photo update Sept 3**

I could no longer stand that the yolk was broken in that first pic and that it didn’t look like I wanted it to, so I made the good old Egg in a Nest again this morning and it came out much better…here ya go.



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so yummy. i made these for syna on valentines day: – i think i ended up eating hers, too…

Comment by Heather

[…] Shore Lunch-breaded walleye at Heart Spoon, apparently some people call Eggs in a Frame “Egg in a Nest,” The Captain’s Chair loves Stub and Herb’s (and Lift Bridge Minnesota Tan), The […]

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I think we used to call this “eggs in a basket”. Must be a geographical thing.

Comment by Alicia

They are also called Bullseyes. We make them all the time.

Comment by Leah

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