Heaven on Earth – Dutch Apple Pancake
August 27, 2009, 10:54 pm
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Taking a hiatus from tomatoes, I decided to make breakfast for dinner tonight and begin my end-of-summer segue to Autumn.  Oh, I love Autumn.  I absolutely cannot wait for the apple orchards to open, for the crisp early morning and evening air of fall, for the smell of fireplaces and the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot.  I know so many people who say they love fall, but have you ever heard someone say they don’t?  I mean, people say “oh, I don’t like summer.  It’s too hot/humid”, whatever, but Autumn?!   Never heard of it.

Oops.  I perhaps got carried away with my love of fall, so what I was getting at were the flavors of apples and cinnamon.  I’ve seen tons of recipes online for Dutch apple pancakes, but I’ve never honestly had one, and I’ve definitely never tried to make one, but I had three lovely Pink Lady apples calling out to me, and I thought “why not”?

I didn’t follow a recipe, but instead kind of took what I’ve read on other recipes and made up my own version.  A traditional Dutch Apple Pancake is apparently made in a cast iron skillet, of which, I own none.  They are also sometimes sprinkled with powdered sugar, of which I also have none.  So, without further adieu, here is my take on a Dutch Apple Pancake, sans skillet.

If you haven’t had one…I can assure you…you must.  Absolutely must.

Kristin’s non-traditional Dutch Apple Pancake

3 medium apples of your choice, cored, peeled and sliced

2 T. butter, plus approximately 1 more T. or so for buttering your dish

3/4 c. milk (I used 1%.  Use what you like)

3/4 c. flour

5 eggs

3 T. sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

1 T. brown sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon


Using medium sized skillet, melt 2 T. butter and add apple slices, cooking them on low to med. until they soften and begin to brown.


While apples are cooking, preheat oven to 450 degrees.  Use remaining 1 T. of butter (or slightly more) to thoroughly butter your baking dish.  I used a round baking dish that is 11″ around and about 2 1/2″ deep.  If you having something of a similar size but square or whatever, I wouldn’t worry.  It should work just fine.

Once apples are softened but still have good texture to them, add them in a single layer to your buttered baking dish.


Next, sprinkle lightly with brown sugar and cinnamon…


Let them hang out while you make the batter.   So, in a medium mixing bowl, add eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and vanilla.  Beat with a hand mixer until well blended.  (Or use a blender if you prefer).  Pour mixture over eggs, and bake until the top puffs up and is starting to get brown.  Make sure the middle feels solid through, and you’re good to go~

This simple process will turn into the most light and airy, sweet, but not too sweet, apple-eggy goodness that you can ever imagine.  I simply sliced mine right up with a pizza cutter, which worked pretty well.

D.Jones topped his with pure maple sugar, but I didn’t think it needed anything but it’s own simple goodness.  Served with a veggie sausage patty and some grapes, it made a perfect breakfast for dinner.  And I’m telling you, your house will never have smelled so good!  When D.Jones walked in the door from work he said “are you baking a pie?”  When I replied “No, that’s our dinner” he looked at me like I was crazy.  When he took his first bite of this delicious little slice of heaven on earth, he said “Mmm…wow.”  I think that says it all, and the verdict is still out on who gets the leftovers for tomorrow.




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Dude! LMFAO!

Interesting to see how the Dutch and Germans do an apple pancake differently. I definitely like the looks of the Dutch better because the Germans use a huge amount of butter – too much for my taste, although it was still really good. Plus, it’s baked instead of fried which is always a plus for me. Good find!

We have similar taste, friend. One of these days we’ll have to find one another and have a beet salad, apple pancake, cheese popcorn smorgasbord.

Comment by Jae

[…] and unprofessional”), the best story you’ll read all month about a stuffed artichoke, a Dutch apple pancake (these things are amazing) at Jonesinforfood, the GOP warns fairgoers not to spend money at […]

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