Papa’s Pizza
July 27, 2009, 2:59 am
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D.Jones, Cooper and I were heading home from an exhausting day at a truck and tractor pull yesterday.  And yeah…you read that right.  It’s crazy the things we will do for our truck-obsessed boy!

Anyway, like I was saying, we were headed home from the uh, “fun”, when we remembered a pizza place that a good friend had recommended.  Pizza sounded fabulous, so we quickly took the proper exit off of 94 and headed toward Papa’s Pizza in Camden.

The place was easy to find, even though we are not at all familiar with north Minneapolis (and it helped that D.Jones was on the phone with an employee there, who kindly talked us through the directions).  Once we arrived, we wandered in a door that led us through a small deli with a few choices of gelatos, some imported cheeses and meats.  Then, through a small hallway where some statues of the Rat Pack pointed us in the direction of the dining room.  Now, we’ve been in some pretty dark and dingy family run Italian spots, between here and Wisconsin, but this dining room was light and bright, and even offered patio dining.  We opted to stay indoors after a long day in the sun, and ordered up a medium vegetarian ‘za for D.Jones and I, and a kid’s cheese pizza for Coops.


We watched the guys in the back tossing our freshly made crust and not too much longer, our pizza arrived looking absolutely delicious!  There is no grease to this pizza pie, and we tore right in!  The crust is sort of bready and is a great foundation for all of the super fresh toppings.  The sauce was more like fresh tomato sauce than a spicy pizza sauce, and was mild and good.  I added a few shakes of pepper flakes to mine because I like a little spice, but it was absolutely fine straight up.

I also sampled the kid’s cheese pizza, which allowed more of the flavor of the sauce to shine through and you could detect the oregano and spices more than on the vegetarian pizza.  Both were great.

Papa’s is located at 4159 Thomas Ave N. in Minneapolis, or you can check out their website here.

It’s a family-run place which is one of the things that makes us happy to give them our business.  Bonuses are that they have an excellent kid’s menu, as well as a beer & wine list for the bigger kids.  Oh, and they offer Surly beers! 

We’re planning on going back to check out their signature Tomato Pie straight outta Jersey~


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Yum-o. I would so love to try that place! I love veggie pizza and one with no grease is a thumbs up in my book! If you ever get to my parents neck of the woods, my dad makes a mean frozen pizza in the bar. Really, really good! They call him the pizza king of the north woods!

Comment by teenietidbits

That looks delicious!

Comment by Alicia

Make sure you tell Jer and me when you visit Papa’s again. It is 4 blocks from my house!

Comment by Glen

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