Brew Review – Summit Horizon Red Ale
April 26, 2009, 3:05 am
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D.Jones had an opportunity to try Summit’s new beer before it was released to the public and he made me promise not to post any details until it was “officially released.”  The fact is, D.Jones has been a fan of Summit for many, many years.  I wasn’t so hip on Summit’s EPA until more recent years.  I suppose my love of Summit started about four years ago, or so, when we lived in downtown St. Paul and would often walk to Pazzaluna for late night appetizers and a cold beer or two.  They always had Summit on tap, and after many trips, the bartender knew that D.Jones was a huge fan…and I was starting to become one too.

On one particular night, we bellied up to the bar and the bartender came over, leaned in and said “Mark Stutrud is at the end of the bar….”  Enough said.  D.Jones ditched me faster than a frat boy running toward a keg.  Oh wait….he was a frat boy. 

Anyway, he introduced himself to Stutrud, and Stutrud made pleasant conversation with him for quite some time until D.Jones worried he was pushing the limits of friendly conversation and bordering on annoying fan, when he politely excused himself and rejoined me at my seat.  While he was gone, I sipped a Summit EPA myself, finding that it was fuller bodied and more delicious than I had ever given it credit for…in fact, I loved it.

Since then, we have continued to enjoy the EPA and wish Summit the best, all while being slightly disappointed in the missing presence of new brews, and getting just a little bored.  We were both thrilled to hear that Summit would finally be releasing a hoppier new beer.  That is, until D.Jones came home one night and announced he had an opportunity to try it and was a little disappointed.  I didn’t want to hear it, and certainly didn’t want to negatively taint my own opinion, so we didn’t talk about it much.

The other night he came home with a sixer so I could try it for myself.

The verdict?  It’s Summit.  It’s good.  It’s hoppier than the EPA, which makes it slightly different, but it’s so similar to the EPA that it’s…well…it’s Summit.  It tastes like Summit.  I don’t know what else to say.

In comparison, last night I ordered the Surly beer flight at Common Roots, where about $5 gets you 4 tastings of the Surly beers on tap.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I think it’s a mistake to compare Summit to Surly….I’m making a different point entirely.  My point is that this was an exercise to prove to ourselves that we were correct about the new Summit.  You see, when you taste Furious, Cynic, or Bitter Brewer, they taste like three distinctly different beers.  You’d never guess with a blindfold on that they are all products of the same brewery. 

Not so with Summit EPA, Summit IPA  and Summit Horizon Red.  They taste like Summit.   Make no mistake, we’re not saying we don’t notice and recognize the subtle differences….it’s just that they are very subtle.   And although they are good…the Summit Horizon Red doesn’t have the boldness we were hoping for and thus, the release was a little disappointing.  We will continue to love Summit but boy…I wish we had more to say about the newest addition.


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You know how I enjoy reading all of your postings, on both blogs, but I am sooooo beer ignorant that all I read is blah, blah, blah-blah, blah. Kinda like when DC talks sports to me. I just don’t get it. I need to take a class on all things BEER. There is a tasting coming up in Ktown downtown at one of the trendy spots for Horny Goat Brew. DC says he really wants to go. Wish you guys lived here…I could send you with him!

Comment by Kristine

Oh, but all of the chatter about the pizza…NOW that is what I am talking about! Right up my alley!!

Comment by Kristine

[…] “B” (corrected for their consistent grade inflation, that’s roughly a C-), a rare downbeat review for Summit Horizon Red Ale “doesn’t have the boldness we were hoping for,” Seven Sushi and Steakhouse has […]

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