Brew Review – Southern Tier Iniquity
April 22, 2009, 1:42 am
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Southern Tier’s Imperial Iniquity Black Ale is available for a limited time only at the Four Firkins.  A friend of D.Jones picked one up for him last night at the Summit Red Ale debut at the Firkins.  At around $8 for a 650ml, this 9% A.B.V. black ale is awesome.   It pours pitch black into the glass, as the name suggests, and the first sip is full of carmel malts and finishes with the hops when it hits the back of your tongue.  The more you sip, the more apparent the hops become.   This beer is dangerously drinkable, as the 9% is relatively unnoticed.

Now, my beer palate is far less refined than D.Jones’ and my first proclamation was that it reminded me of a stout.  D.Jones said he can see where I’m coming from, mostly due to the thickness and the roasted characteristics.

Another great beer from a great brewery…Southern Tier.

2 thumbs up from both D.Jones and myself!



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I haven’t cracked open my bottle of it yet, but had it on tap at Stub & Herb’s at the MNBeer party last weekend and it was excellent!

Comment by Kris

I had it at Stub & Herb’s last Saturday night after I played my bagpipes. It went down very well. It is quite a complex beer and very drinkable. It doesn’t seem to be a 9% beer. I’m glad I had only one. So many beers, so little time.

Comment by Dennis

Kris – let us know what you think!

Dennis – I had that problem once at Bulldog (not knowing the ABV) and having FAR more than one. I won’t make that mistake again. Ouch. We have some family friends that are bagpipers. Or were. Not sure if they are still involved in it. Very cool!

Comment by whatsupwiththejoneses

Finally got the bottle open! I was thinking a porter would be good when looking in the fridge but I couldn’t find any so decided on this. I agree that it has some characteristics similar to a stout. A great beer for Sunday evening sipping.

Comment by Kris

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