Pizza Sundays – Dulono’s
April 19, 2009, 11:09 pm
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Located at 607 W. Lake Street, Dulono’s has been around since 1957.  My sister worked there way back in the day and Dulono’s has been a family favorite since the 70’s.

It’s always an interesting place to dine as you can see just about anything or anyone there during your visit.  Sometimes bikers, sometimes hippies, sometimes suburban looking parents with kids. 

This Sunday I had every intention of going out for a deep dish pie, but home plumbing issues found us under lock and key while D.Jones tried his hand at fixing some pipes.   Seeing as how I already told everyone I’d be writing about pizza on Sundays, Dulono’s came to mind right away.

The crust is thin as can be, and crisp around the edges.  They never skimp on the toppings, which is usually a good thing, except that D.Jones always orders the ‘chovies and with the amount they throw on there, they can really smell up the Jones digs. 


Tonight he had a medium anchovy and mushroom, while the boy and I split a small 1/2 cheese, 1/2 pepperoni.  As always, Dulono’s does not disappoint. 

My father-in-law has a favorite pizza place close to his house in South Eastern Wisconsin.  In the largely Italian population of their hometown, pizza can cause heated debates and he does not mess ar0und.  Basically, if it ain’t Pa’s Pizza, my father-in-law is disappointed….until he tried Dulono’s.  He claims it’s the best he’s had in the Twin Cities.  Not as good as Pa’s, but a close second is quite a victory in his eyes.

If you like your crust thin, your tomato sauce not too sweet, and lots of cheese like a good old-fashioned corner pizza place kinda ‘za, you gotta try Dulono’s.  Mmmm….delicious!



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