Brew Review – Full Sail Slipknot Imperial Pale Ale
April 19, 2009, 11:21 pm
Filed under: Beer, Wine & Cocktails


 Tonight as D.Jones and I devoured our Dulono’s pizza, he cracked open a 22 oz. bottle of Full Sail’s Slipknot Imperial Pale Ale.   It ran about $5 at South Lyndale Liquor, ABV 7.8%. 

When poured, it tops off with a nice white  foamy head.  When sipped it starts off bitter and hoppy and only intensifies.  It’s not exactly a balanced beer, as D.Jones pointed out, but I really liked the flavor.  The pine is apparent and it’s incredibly full flavored, as an IPA should be.  D.Jones says he doesn’t think it’s great because of it’s lack of complexity and isn’t a huge fan of the overriding taste of pine.  He says there are a lot better IPAs out there, but he liked it for the price as it was relatively inexpensive for an Imperial IPA.  I, however, like it alot and though I wouldn’t sit down and drink a few in a row, I thought it was a wonderful accompaniment to our pizza dinner.

Full Sail Slipknot revew from the Jones Fam – 1 thumbs up from me.


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