Hotel Minneapolis – Martinis and Manicures

My friend Jenni called me a week or so ago and told me that there is a little soiree that happens at Hotel Minneapolis (215 4th Street) where you can sip a martini while getting a manicure.   Without a moment’s hesitation I responded “Oh, I am so in!  Sign us up!” 

Four of us decided to go and last night was our night.  It was fabulous.  For a mere $18 every 2nd Thursday of the month you can sip the martini of your choice, sample some lovely  hors d’oeuvres, and get a manicure from the ladies from Sanctuary!  Here are the details, and let me be the first to tell you, it is more than worth it! 


Now, the martinis are wonderful…but what martini isn’t, really?  The manicures are fantastic too, though of course, your color selections are quite limited.  One thing I liked, though, is that the colors they do use are vegan.  Who knew!?  I had no idea vegan fingernail polish existed!



The cocktail lounge area of Hotel Minneapolis is nestled right behind Restaurant Max, and along with your $18 you do get some nice “gifts” like a free appetizer over at Max if you are still hungry, and a ticket for a discounted dinner.   The lounge is absolutely beautiful and filled with beautiful people to match.  There is a large vault door to one side, which indicated the space perhaps used to be a bank?  Or, as my friend Alfred joked after scanning the room, “it’s where the unattractive people have to sit to wait for their manicure”. 

All I can tell you is that this is a relaxing, fun night out and if you are even considering it, you must go…I know I’ll be back!

Word to the wise, though…that area of Minneapolis is under major construction.  Rather than driving around in rush hour for 30 minutes like I did, know ahead of time that if you get to the front door of Restaurant Max, there is valet parking available.  Boy that would have saved me a major headache…and the horrible trauma of marching through rubble-covered construction zones in 4 inch heels.  Ugh.  A nightmare.  But worth it in the end….




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