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April 6, 2009, 12:33 am
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I always read blogger reviews of pizza places.  I mean pizza rocks in every way.  I remember one of my birthday parties that marked a turning point when I was old enough to invite friends and get dropped off somewhere and then picked up later.  I was probably…oh…12 or so and my parents dropped off a group of around 10 girlfriends of mine so we could have pizza at Davanni’s and they’d pick us up later.  I felt so mature.

Any kid growing up in the Midwest remembers either having or being at a birthday party at Shakey’s pizza, don’t they?  The big white styrofoam tophat with red stripes to mark the birthday kid’s big day?  It was way cool.

Pizza makes for good memories.  It makes for fun, casual family times, and later, for good times with friends over a pitcher and a pie.  Of course, poor pizza gets a bad rap for contributing to the freshman-15, but I dare you to find a college kid who doesn’t eat it on a regular basis.

And don’t tell my Dad’s doctor if you see him eating it more than the allotted once every couple of weeks because apparently pizza isn’t health food.  Pfft.  I disagree.  I mean, you’ve got tomatoes, cheese, veggies…whatever.  Sounds healthy to me, right?

Anyway, as an excuse to enjoy pizza more frequently, I suggested to D.Jones that we start reviewing a different pizza place every Sunday.  Being from a predominantly Italian area of Wisconsin, he thinks he’s quite the connoisseur, so he loved the idea.

I remember reading Aaron Landry’s review of Fireside pizza in Richfield here a while ago and wondering why we’ve never tried it.  I mean, he said it’s good and he’s tried his share of ‘za..he should know, right?  Plus, it’s not so far from home, and every time we drive by it we comment on the fact that it looks like a place we’ve just got to see the inside of…and yet never have.  Once I read Landry’s review and heard about the fake trees and good ‘za, I moved it to the top of our list as our first place to try.

So, this Sunday we went to Fireside Pizza on Penn Avenue in Richfield.   I noticed the fake tree immediately.  I mean, how can you not?!  Then we got seated in a cozy booth along the wall and took a look at the menu.  D.Jones said right away that he liked the place.  He thought the atmosphere was quaint and thought it was perfect for a neighborhood pizza joint.

We ordered Cooper a $5 order of kid’s spaghetti that came with the most buttery garlic bread ever.  It was really good.  He devoured his spaghetti, so I guess he liked it.

D.Jones and I split a large green olive and onion ‘za, while he sipped a pint of Summit.  The pizza was really good.  The crust was thin and perfectly crisp with just the right amount of cheesy goodness on top.  There were lots of olives, though I didn’t notice as many onions.

The service was right on, and when she brought some mint taffy with the check and heard me trying to coach Cooper on how to “bite really hard” to bite through it, she even swung back to tell me that it works better to warm it in my hand in the wrapper first, which softens it and makes it easier to chew.  Who knew!?

So for our first Pizza Sunday we give two thumbs up to Fireside Pizza.  It’s just good ‘za.



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Mmmmm, doll, dat looks fab! I haven’t had a decent pizza since moving to Japan, so you’re making me SO HUNGRY for it!

We should get together and make pizza and margaritas some time. Ahh if only it were as easy as driving down the street…

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