Buster’s on 28th – Good for a Cold?
March 26, 2009, 3:48 pm
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I don’t actually have any medical evidence to back up my claim, but it sure did make me feel better.  My findings:  With one out of one subject experiencing reduced congestion and improved feelings of overall well-being after consuming dinner and beer at Buster’s, I have reason to believe that Buster’s on 28th is good for a cold.

Buster’s on 28th is a standby for us because the booth backs are high (ie; perfect for an active 3 year old in tow), the noise level is just high enough to drown out any of said 3-year old’s whining and/or demanding of corn dogs.  Which brings me to another point…bribing him with Buster’s corndogs is usually enough to get him to quietly play with some matchbox cars in our booth while D.Jones and I can enjoy some semblence of a relaxing dinner out.  Perfect!

Last night we were happy to notice that the menu had been updated.  Well, sort of happy.  I was sad to see my favorite salad taken off the menu, but was simply tickled to see that they had added a Capreses Panini…which I promptly ordered.  Along with a Franziskaner Dunkel for good measure.

The panini was absolutely deelish and the Dunkel clearly didn’t disappoint. 

I love that the servers there are well-versed in all things beer, are always friendly as can be, and the food almost always arrives relatively promptly.  A must-have for diners with kids, right?

Anyway, the scrumptious and warming Caprese Panini with a nice cold beer were enough to have me leaving the restaurant not quite as annoyed by Cooper’s constant barrage of “why’s?” which is his new thing, and not quite as sniffly as when I entered.   So maybe it can be said that not only is Buster’s good for a cold, it can also be good for the psyche.


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Oh god, the WHYS. Cute and annoying all in one.

I’m glad that even with a bad cold you were able to enjoy an evening out AND wind up feeling a little better than you were when you woke up.

Comment by jae

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