Crusty Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Onions
March 25, 2009, 4:38 pm
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From Quick Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin.  In the book, Lemlin lists this casserole under “entrees”.  I was skeptical, thinking it was more of a side dish than an entree-type casserole.  I was wrong, and served with some fresh haricots verts tossed with slivered almonds, it was a perfect dinner for last night’s cold, rainy weather.  Fantastically warming and hearty, the lengthy baking allows for the potatoes and onions to slightly carmelize making the top layer crunchy and the potatoes, tomatoes and onions underneath, soft and tasty.

Crusty Potatoes, Tomatoes and Onions, Baked with Olive Oil and Garlic

6 medium potatoes, peeled, havled and very thinly sliced

3 large onions, halved vertically and thinly sliced

4 garlic cloves, put through a press or minced

1 28-oz can of plum tomatoes, chopped and drained (I used pre-diced)

1/4 cup tomato paste

1/2 cup olive oil

3 T. water

2 tsp dried oregano

salt and fresh black pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400F.  In large bowl, combine potatoes, onions, garlic and tomatoes.  In a small bowl, beat together tomato paste, olive oil, water, oregano, salt and pepper.  Pour over the vegetable mixture and toss to coat well.  Spread into a 12x7x2 baking dish or any 2 1/2 qt shallow dish.  Cover tightly with aluminum foil and bake 30 minutes.  Remove foil and bake 45 minutes longer, or until potatoes are tender and top begins to crisp and carmelize.





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OOhh. I think I would LOVE that! Too bad my family will not eat tomatoes. Maybe I will try it when my parents are here for a visit. Sounds YUM!

Comment by Kristine

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