Sunday Afternoon Snack Time
March 22, 2009, 8:27 pm
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I’m painting all the wood trim in our house.  It sucks.  This is weekend #2 spent bonding with my paint brust and roller and it’s clear that I’m going to see another of these weekends in the near future.  Blech.

After a couple of hours of rolling and swiping, it was snack time.  With 2 avocados calling my name from the kitchen, and half a baguette left from Friday’s soup, I decided on some crostini with guac.

First, I sliced the baguette thinly, laid out the slices on a piece of tin foil (so I wouldn’t have to scrub a  cookie sheet), drizzled them with olive oil and sprinkled them with sea salt.  Then I threw ’em in the oven on 350 to toast up.  Easy enough.

While they were toasting, I took the pits from the avocados and put the good stuff in a medium sized bowl.   I added diced red onion.  A handful, I suppose…I mean, this isn’t rocket science.  Add what you like.  2 cloves of garlic put thru a garlic press, then 2 dashes of Worchestershire sauce, a dash of lime juice, 3 shakes of my cayenne pepper (usually I’d use one whole jalapeno, but there was none to be found in my kitchen today), and a sprinkle of sea salt.  Mashed it up with a fork and voila! 

I pulled the crostini from the oven, spread each with a nice thick layer of heavenly guac, and yelled down the stairs to D.Jones to come up.  “Should I bring a beverage?” he yelled back?  Hmm….  Let’s see.

1.  Cooper’s napping – check!

2.  I’ve been painting for about 3 hours.  (manual labor?)  Check!

3.  It’s Sunday…what the heck!?  Check!

“Sure!” I yell back…”I’ll split something with you.”

D.Jones emerges from the lower level shortly, with a 1 pint, 6 oz. bottle of Hop Stoopid from Lagunitas Brewing Co., out of Petaluma,  CA. 

At a claimed 102 IBU level, and 7.7% ABV,  I was glad I had said I’d split one with him or who knows where the remainder of the paint could end up.  I didn’t intend to paint the floorboards, too, right?

Bartender D.Jones poured ’em up and the glasses filled up with a nice golden Ale.  They aren’t kidding that this one is hoppy.  It’s very hoppy.  Though I read on Beer Advocate that someone who reviewed it said it could go toe-to-toe with Hopslam…I think he wrote that he wasn’t sure which he’d prefer, and that’s a layup for me.  This is good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not Hopslam.

D.Jones called it “average” as far as the super-hopped, American IPAs go.  He said it’s full-flavored and decent, and that he likes it, but there are a lot of better beers in the same class.  He went so far as to say it’s not even in the same class as Hopslam, and that it can’t compare to Surly’s Furious.

Anyway, with a hint of sweetness, it was a great compliment to our guac crostinis and made this Sunday’s afternoon snack all too perfect.  Though I think I’ll give the rest of my half to D.Jones to help him numb the ugly Wisconsin loss this afternoon.  Plus, I’ve got painting to do.  Cheers!



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Firstly – love the new picture in your header! Is that from the peach pie?

Mmmm guac crostini sounds like the perfect pick-me-up snack. Good thinkin!

Comment by jae

Thanks Jae! Yep…it’s from your pie. Which, incidentally, my mom asked for the recipe for…yum!! You’re a hit!

Comment by whatsupwiththejoneses

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