March 19, 2009, 7:45 pm
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I am so annoyed by those high fructose corn syrup commercials that I could scream.  I mean, seriously!?  Do you know the ones I’m talking about?  There’s one with two ladies chatting while one prepares to dose her kid up with some high fructose corn syrup.  Lady #2 says something like “wow, I can’t believe you’re feeding that to your kid…you know what they say about that.”  Lady #1 looks appalled and says something in retort like “what?  That it’s made from corn and fine in moderation, just like sugar?”

Yeah, well, here’s some news for you, lady #1, it also could have mercury in it, could result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, obesity…do I need to go on?

If you take a look a just a few of the many scholarly articles out there for public consumption on the internet, you’d most certainly consider changing something else about your “consumption”.  High fructose corn syrup scares me, and it should scare everyone else, too.  The shocking thing is that it’s in just about everything!  Who knew that the NutriGrain bars that I thought would be a decent snack for my son not only have high fructose corn syrup in them, but also have been on the list of products the government knows have mercury in them?  When does the FDA stand up to the Corn Refiners Association and all of the other big-dollar corporations that are providing poison for general consumption and say “enough is enough”?  And as for the ads?  All I can say is “seriously”!?


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oh, no kidding! and i “love” when they say, “it’s fine in moderation.” sure. ever look at the ingredients of most popular foods and beverages today? yeah, hfcs in most. so, how can you eat it moderately?

Comment by Heather

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