Bad Wine, Good Beer & Paint Headaches
March 15, 2009, 8:57 pm
Filed under: Beer, Wine & Cocktails

Let me start by saying that if you live in an older home like we do in South Minneapolis, never, and I mean ever glance around your home and think ‘my wood trim isn’t looking so great, I think I’ll paint it.  It can’t be that bad.’  Seriously.  Listen to me, people.  I know of what I write. 

I’ve been thinking about doing it for some time now, and apparently Saturday, the most beautiful day weather-wise that we’ve enjoyed since November, seemed to be a great choice.  No honey, you take the boy to the park and enjoy a nice walk…I’ll be here weilding a friggin’ paintbrush and cursing life. 

I was on about hour four yesterday afternoon when D.Jones came to my rescue and asked if I wanted to get dinner at Buster’s.  Cooper loves Buster’s for it’s wonderfully un-gourmet mini corndogs, and D.Jones loves it for…guess what?  Oh, you guessed it!  The beer!!!

When we got there and settled in, D.Jones ordered a Hibernation Ale from Great Divide Brewing Co. out of Colorado.  It’s a beautiful, dark, English-style Ale.  He slid it to my side of the table to let me try it.  Wow.  I was very impressed.  It starts incredibly smooth and then the maltiness and the hops sort of crept in, resulting in a rich, decadent finish.  Loved it!  I, unfortunately, had ordered some random Hess Chardonnay.  Don’t ask me why.  Oh, fine.  I’ll admit it.  I recently purchased Bethenny Frankel’s book Naturally Thin, and in it, she warns of the dangers of wine drinking as far as being skinny.  Ugh.  What I’ve always known was thrown in my face like a cheap Hess Chardonnay.  The thought of giving up my vino is ridiculous, but I did notice her sipping a white wine once in awhile on the show.  So, connecting the dots, I thought perhaps white wine is the lesser of two evils?   Well, it only took a few sips of my Hess from Hell to remind myself that I’m not really a white wine kinda girl.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll write off my dreams of a size 0.  And I should mention that D.Jones was only to happy to point out to me that “you don’t go to a beer bar like Buster’s and order a cheap wine!”  Yeah.  Duly noted, my love.

So first I just thought he was taking pity on me when he offered me sip after sip of his Hibernation Ale.  Then I realized it was suspect.  My husband is a lot of things, but a guy who gives away a good beer he is not.  “You have a different one picked out that you’d rather have, don’t you?”  Ding-ding!  Yep…it’s true.  His kindness was only because he couldn’t resist the pull of the Hopslam.  Which, by the way, we have a bunch of in our fridge at home.  He’s such an addict.

Today finds me nursing a paint fume headache after another morning spent with my damn trim boards, and awaiting the arrival of my Dad.  I ordered a new fridge and range this past week, and unfortunately, we can’t seem to find the shut off valve for the water connection behind our crappy old fridge.  Dad to the rescue.  So, with head in hands, literally, due to the near migraine I am suffering from, I wait.  All the while, D.Jones is wandering around with a flashlight cursing the water pipes, and Cooper is running from room to room screaming “I want to see Papa noooowwwww!”  Anyone wanna come over?  We’ve got Hopslam, and a pending order from Dulono’s.  If nothing else, I’ll at least have good food and drink.


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