January 19, 2009, 4:24 am
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it’s a New Year and I realized my poor food blog has sat here, unattended for far too long.  Last I wrote, I was doing the vegan thing and trying hard to redo some of my favorite recipes (like my mom’s potato salad) in vegan form.  I gotta say, it wasn’t too difficult..but….

There’s always a “but”, right?

To begin at the beginning….D.Jones and I had an opportunity to go out on a short date night last night courtesy of my parents.  (Thank you!)  We decided that rather than going to one of the new hot spot restaurants, or going to a play, or doing the dinner and a movie thing, that we’d try to get some exercise.  We thought:  bowling!  (don’t ask me why)  Anyway, we dropped Cooper off at my parents and headed to a close bowling alley.  Turns out, they didn’t have bowling open to the public because they were booked with private parties.  Who knew that people rented bowling alleys for private parties!?   Well, I should be clear that my parent’s area of town is not like most others…  Bowling alleys aren’t the smokey place of yore, where beer swilling blue collar workers (a la the old Roseanne show) go for a good, cheap time.  No, this one includes a fabulous restaurant and the cleanest, most lovely bowling alley you could ever imagine.  So, apparently the upper middle class suburbanites of the area rent the place…who knew?

We ended up playing some trivia (where I kicked Doug’s butt…and being Cliffy Claven himself, he was not happy), but then I totally got schooled in darts.

We then retired to the restaurant for some fantastic fish tacos, cocktails and chit chat.

This is the point in the evening where I told D.Jones I’ve had a revelation.  A self-realization of sorts.  The conversation consisted of my telling D.Jones that I have started to realize who I am as a person.  Well, I said “started”, kay?  Keep that in mind.  Anyway, I was trying to explain to him that I try lots of things because I love the idea of them, but it really isn’t me, and therefore, my follow-through is lacking.  For instance, I love the idea of being the vegan, cute hippie-chick who only shops at the local co-op, who takes the time to make all of her meals from scratch, shops only with her own canvas, environmentally conscious bags, and has a hard time keeping her weight at an appropriate level because she eats so many fruits and veggies that she ends up under the daily calorie requirements for her height.

Yeah.  Um.  Not so much.  I love the idea of it, but it’s not me.  However, this is the reason that I try the vegan cleanses, and annually, or more frequently, attempt to live a vegan lifestyle…shopping at our co-op, trying to love vegenaise instead of miracle whip, and marching around in my Birks.  It never lasts long.  The reason is that it’s not me.

I also love the idea of having a bunch of kids running around the house, and me, in my calm, collected, happy-go-lucky manner, not worrying about the fact that there are toys strewn about and kids throwing tantrums in every corner.  I love the idea of smiling through it all and thinking “I am doing the best job on earth by raising all these fabulous small people” and then planning the next activity for them all to make lovely art projects for D.Jones upon his arrival home from work.  Yeah.   I love the idea…not so much the execution.   I love having one adorable boy to play nicely with, read books with, and then pick everything up with…     A bunch of them running around?  Hmm….

I love the idea of being so exited about my workouts that I, like my friend Laura, become a competitor in women’s body building competitions.  That my body is so toned that I have a minimal body fat %, and I love living on chicken breasts and egg whites.  Unfortunately, the reality is that I love a good workout…for like an hour…and then I’m bored, and tired, and sweaty, and all I can think about is taking a shower and slathering myself with very expensive Aveda lotion.  It’s the idea of it I love..not the work that it would involve…or the dedication.

I love the idea of being a frugal, coupon-clipping, pretty-with-no-makeup housewife, but the reality is that I love having my nails done, and spending a literal boat load of money on a good trip to an Aveda salon, some ridiculously expensive hair product, and $30 aromatherapy candles.  So sue me…it’s true.

My examples could go on and on, but I’m guessing you get the point.  So, what I’m getting at is that I’m trying to come to terms with who I am and not the dream of who I “should” be or the idea of who I could be.    In turn, I have decided that 2009 will mark a point where I flaunt K.Jones in all her glory.  Expensive ass candles, manicures,  nachos, expensive champagne on a Friday night for no reason at all, and everything else that is who I am.  I am going to try to do some things that are good for me, too, though…because that goes along with loving who you are, right?

 Not so much in a vegan cleanse kinda way, but more like I am going to try to eat healthy and regain some of my self-esteem that has dwindled in recent years due to weight gain, too much late night vino, and a husband who loves good beer (and makes me try them all).  I am going to try to cook more, eat out less, enjoy all the foods I love, workout, still enjoy my vino, but more in moderation, and update my food blog more regularly.  I am going to eat meat when I want to, enjoy veggies when I should, and drink more water than Diet Coke.  (hey, baby steps, right!?)

I am going to post some food-related stuff as I go.  It will include healthy recipes I try out (some from my new Biggest Loser cookbook that I just bought with my Christmas gift card from my father in law), good ways to get kids like Cooper to try some more exotic foods than applesauce and chicken nuggets, and just about anything in between.  In essence…whatever occurs to me to share with you, I’ll put here…for your reading (and maybe cooking) enjoyment.

Hopefully, when the “real” Kristin comes to light, no one runs in fear…  We’ll see.  Either way, it should be fun!

Cheers to a new year, a new go at this blog thing, and a new appreciation of all food…meat, non-meat, healthy, not as healthy…it’s all good.


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Amen, sister! I love everything about you, just the way you are! Expensive candles, Aveda and pedicures…sounds incredibly awesome! But even without those things, I would still think you were one of my favorite people! You go, girl with finding out who you really are! I am jealous, because I think I am still trying to figure it out for myself!

Comment by teenietidbits

You just described me describing yourself.

Comment by Alicia

Sweetums, I think you were doing great before, but hearing you lay it all out is very shows me you have a lot to look forward to. I think that especially as women we get way too caught up in trying to regain something we have lost to age, laziness, busy-ness, or a combination of all those things. It’s always “just five more pounds and I’ll be happy” or, maybe in your case “five more cleanses and I’ll be happy!” LOL I hope you find the road back to yourself and that it’s an easy journey to take 😉

Comment by jae

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