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September 14, 2008, 9:05 pm
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I don’t usually include entries here for suggestions or recipes that are not homemade, but on some days, easy meal solutions are my best friend, and as such, I figured some of you may be interested in quick vegetarian ideas as well.

For years I have passed by the boxes of Casbah Falafel mix in the health food or ethnic food sections of our food stores, but have shied away from grabbing a box.  A few weeks ago I threw one in my cart and decided I’d save it for one of those days I mentioned above.  One where you want good, healthy food, but not a lot of fuss.


D.Jones saw the box in the cupboard and was none too eager to have me whip up a batch.  Today for lunch I did.  We loved it!  This stuff will be a staple in our cupboards from now on! 

They couldn’t be easier to make.  You simply mix some of the mix with some cold water, form into balls and fry.  I pan fried them in a shallow pan with some olive oil at medium to medium low heat.  They brown up quickly and are so, so good! 

In some whole wheat pitas with a schmear of hummus, some thinly sliced onions, and a dollop of cucumber sauce from one of our favorite places, Holy Land Deli, and we had a fantastic, fast, vegetarian lunch. 

Oh, and D.Jones loved it too.

I do not have a ringing endorsement from the smaller Jones because he was busy eating homemade chicken gnocchi soup from our next door neighbor and running in circles in the living room yelling “I love meat”!  I don’t suppose I need to tell you that he is not, in fact, a vegetarian.


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LOL. I wish my kid would scream, “I love meat!”

I bought a box of those when we were (well, YOU were) doing the cleanse. I still haven’t made them. Now I have to give them a whirl.

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