August 19, 2008, 11:20 pm
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our dinner tonight was easy-peasy and even better….Cooper loved it!

I have no picture today because, well…I fried the battery on my camera taking videos of Cooper playing air guitar.  Oh well.  No picture was really necessary for this meal.  It was simple, fast, easy, healthy, and well…like I already said…Cooper loved it.

So here’s what we had…

I made a homemade ramen noodle soup by dumping an entire box of vegetable broth into a large pot, adding about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, about 2 tablespoons of brown rice mellow Miso, 2 packages of just the noodles from ramen noodle packages (I buy Koyo so they are organic, vegetarian noodles, not fried…ie: healthier), and 1/2 of a block of extra firm tofu that i crisped by cutting it into slices, spraying it with Pam olive oil and baking it at about 400 degrees for oh, half an hour.  I flipped them halfway through, and at the end, they weren’t quite as crisp as I wanted, so I turned the broiler on for a few minutes.  Watch them closely though.  Once it was crispy and slightly brown, I cut it into cubes and threw it in the soup.  After bringing all the ingredients to a boil, I tore up one sheet of toasted nori and tossed that in, and reduced the heat to low.

I let that simmer while I cooked up some frozen vegetarian potstickers.   Super easy.  The directions are on the package, of course, so just follow the directions.  You really just simmer them in a little oil and some water until the water evaporates, then brown them and serve ’em up.

There was more than enough soup leftover for D.Jones to take to work tomorrow, but the potstickers were history.  The only thing Coops didn’t like were the mandarin oranges that I put on his plate.  Who doesn’t like mandarin oranges!?

So I guess it’s been a little over a week for the non-meat-eating Jones family and it’s been easy-as-pie.  If anyone is interested in perhaps trying a one day per week meatless Monday (as suggested by Johns Hopkins) or any other day, for that matter, check out their website for some great information and some healthy eating ideas…

Meatless Monday


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