I’m Back
August 10, 2008, 2:03 pm
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I’ve saved the name of this blog waiting for some inspiration to come along and find that I’m still interested in writing about food and Friday I found it.  I frequent random vegetarian online sites quite a bit looking for new and interesting meals to make at home…or sometimes just for something simple to throw together.  Many of you already know that D.Jones doesn’t eat meat, so I try to keep all at-home cooking to the meatless variety.

Friday I was searching for some new ideas so I could do a big grocery shopping trip this weekend, and I happened upon this website called Meatless Monday.  It’s a website run in affiliation with Johns Hopkins University to, as they put it “help Americans prevent heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer”, by offering suggestions, recipes and guidelines for eating.  They recommend that everyone go “meatless” at least once per week.  Interesting….

I’ve been thinking about cutting out meat altogether now that I’m no longer writing for “that magazine” and don’t need to consume anything in particular for work.  So I was finding myself very interested in their statistics and suggestions.  I never found it too difficult to cut out meat, so it’s not a huge hurdle for me like it is for some….though I must admit, a good steak tastes wonderful once in a while.

However, as I read further, I found this statistic: 

Livestock generates more greenhouse gas emmissions than driving an SUV.

Seriously.  Don’t believe it?  The facts are there.  Livestock generates 18% of greenhouse gas emissions…more than transportation.  Wow.  

I’m convinced.  So here I go.  Except this time I’m going to share it with you.  So from today forward I will post recipes we try, how things are going, how Cooper reacts to Quinoa, restaurants we check out that I am impressed with as far as vegetarian options, and whatever else comes to mind. 

Today we begin with a family outing to our co-op, the Wedge….so off we go!



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